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So you love our clothes. A lot. You also figure you're going to wear your new stuff to death. Why not get rewarded for doing so? As a new brand, EXIST (Co) Apparel is looking for individuals who are crazy about our clothes and want to help get us exposure anywhere and everywhere.

We're looking for people who want to wear our clothing to parties, to bars and clubs, through cities, at schools, get photographed in it like you would with any normal clothing, and get people stoked about what we're trying to do at EXIST (Co) Apparel. We're not looking for models – but if you're interested in modelling for future collections that would be awesome all the same – we're just looking for social, engaging, fun-loving, awesome people to promote our brand.

If any of this interests you, give our Promote Application a shot here. We don't need a resume or an interview or anything crazy like that – all you need to do is answer our quick questionnaire so we can get to know you and learn why you're interested in promoting. If you get selected, you'll get early access to new collections, discounted promoter pricing and the chance to earn a commission off of every sale you influence. Plus, your 'job' is to wear clothing you love!


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